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dining room

Enjoy the warm atmosphere of our dining room, the ideal place to relax and better appreciate the friendly mountain hospitality.

Enjoy our traditional and genuine cuisine… or take a stop along the excursions, drinking or crunching something at the bar.

With fine weather, you can savor your pause even on the external tables, alongside with the stunning panorama that ranges from the rocky peaks to the blue water of the lake, ending into the green of Valasco valley.



rifugio emilio questa - enjoy your mealThe menu is prepared every day with genuine quality ingredients, always from the standpoint of the true home cooking and the best Piedmontese tradition. Alongside with the immancable polenta (with cheese, sausages or game) you’ll find by time to time soups, homemade pasta, meat seconds and homemade desserts… not to mention our bread, baked in the wood oven, and the homemade cheese & salami, which you can buy as a “souvenir” too. The blackboard next to the entry door shows you day by day what’s in the pot.
For a better service, please book in advance by phone, message or email.
Allergic and celiacs people are kindly request to promptly communicate any allergic pathologies: the kitchen commonly uses milk-based products, flour, dried fruit, yeast etc …



accettiamo satispay