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Camping and picnic

The quietness of the Portette Lake area is definitely inviting for camping and bivouac lovers, as well as for picnics. Even the rugged stony ground that surrounds the “Emilio Questa” Hut offers many places where you can settle down in complete tranquility and safety.

We just invite all those who want to pitch their tent around the hut to inform the manager and / or the staff in advance: we are always available to give advices on the matter.

Remember that it’s not permitted to settle too close to the refuge or near the wooden huts dedicated to our guests. The regulations of the Natural Park of the Maritime Alps also state that bivouacs are allowed for a maximum of 48 hours in places having no campsites.

Picnics, and in general the eating your own food in the surroundings and in the common areas of the hut, is not allowed during the breakfast, lunch and dinner service. It is also forbidden to light open flames, including portable stoves, in the extreme vicinity and inside the hut.

A few simple rules to pay respect to the mountains, to our work and to everyone’s safety. Thank you for your cooperation!