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Terms & Conditions


A hut is not a hotel or a restaurant. High altitude and the wilderness of the location make its management difficult and expensive, especially on the matters of food and essential goods supply. Every day we offer everyone a genuine welcome, with no frills, maybe without all the comforts… but never looking to the watch and never failing to smile. Therefore, please have the patience to understand about the place you are in: do not be overly pretentious and respect the inevitable limits of the service offered … in short, let yourself be involved in the mountain context, so as to enjoy the uniqueness of the experience of staying in an alpine hut.

NOTICE: These terms & conditions have been translated from italian. The Italian version will be decisive under all circumstances, in case of differences in interpretation.

1. Object of the General Contract Conditions

1.1. These General Contract Conditions (hereinafter conditions) are intended to set the terms, modalities and booking conditions and the provision of hotel services (hereinafter services) provided by “Rifugio Emilio Questa” alpine hut, based in Valdieri (CN), Portette Lake, Italy, (hereinafter hut).

1.2. For services we mean:

1.2.1. The enjoyment of furnished housing units / rooms / chamber / tents / StarsBox / OpenSpace cabins (hereinafter rooms);

1.2.2. The use of common areas such as bar-restaurant room, toilets, showers and others;

1.2.3. Food and beverages according to the modalities and availability of the hut;

1.2.4. The possible use of ancillary goods according to the availability, the modalities and costs established by the hut.

1.3. The descriptions of the services reported on the hut website (hereinaftered) must be integrating an integral part of these conditions.

1.4. The conditions are made possible to the customer through their publication on the site, sending them by email confirmation of availability and, in any case, through their posting in the common areas of the hut and in the rooms.

1.5. The conditions will be deemed to be viewed and accepted by the Customer following the payment of the confirmatory deposit regulated to the next point 4 and, in any case, at the time of check-in.

2. Request for services and conclusion of the contract

2.1. The customer can submit to the hut the request to book services (hereinafter requested) in the under-indicated ways:

2.1.1. Telematically, by sending an e-mail to

2.1.2. Telematically, filling in the appropriate form on the site;

2.1.3. By telephone to the numbers shown on the site;

2.1.4. Directly, to the person in charge, at the hut or elsewhere.

2.2. The customer is responsible for the truthfulness of the information provided. In the event that the data provided are insufficient / incomplete or there is the suspicion founded that they are not truthful, the hut may request additional documents to integrate / support information made.

2.3. The hut holds the right to refuse the request, if:

2.3.1. The Customer does not provide adequate proof of one’s identity, of their own domicile or residence or (if applicable) of its quality of representative and / or mandatory of another subject and related powers;

2.3.2. The structure of the hut is complete.

2.4. The contract between the hut and the customer is intended when the payment of the confirmatory deposit takes place in the terms indicated by the hut or, otherwise, at the time of check-in at the hut itself.

3. Provision of services

3.1. The management guarantees the customer that the services will comply with the level of the classification of the hut, namely “ALPINE HUT”.

3.2. At the request of the customer and subject to verification of availability, the hut will give to the customer the goods referred to in point 1.2.4. The aforementioned assets remain the property of the hut and must be returned in the same conditions in which they were delivered, according to the terms and modalities indicated. The hut declines all responsibility for any damage to things and / or persons deriving from the use of such ancillary goods by the customer.

3.3. In the event of a fault of the goods present in the rooms and common areas as well as the assets referred to in point 1.2.4, the hut will repair or replace them. In the event that the fault is attributable to imperative, tampering, negligence and / or raging in the use by the customer, the cost of repair or replacement will be charged to the same.

3.4. The customer must use the rooms, the common areas and the goods referred to in point 1.2.4. so as not to cause damage and / or disturbance to the structure and other customers housed at the hut. The customer will exclusively respond to direct damages, deriving from the violations of this obligation, taking the hut by any prejudice, damage, responsibilities and expenses from this suffered or incurred.

3.5. Furthermore, the customer will have to exclude the hut from every action, name, claim advanced by third parties against the hut itself, which find the cause or reason in behaviors and / or omissions, however, attributable to the customer with the same or are a consequence of the observance and / o Violation of the precepts provided for by these conditions or from the applicable laws.

4. Price, deposit and withdrawal

4.1. The price of the services (hereinafter price) corresponds to the tariffs reported in the appropriate section of the site, except for the prices relating to the use of the goods referred to in point 1.2 lett. d) which must be considered excluded. In any case, following the customer’s request, the hut will indicate the total price in the email confirming the availability sent to the customer.

4.2. The hut will require the customer the payment of a deposit for confirmatory (hereinaftered deposit), whose amount and coordinates for his payment will be indicated in the confirmation confirmation of the availability sent to the customer.

4.3. The Customer must provide communication to the hut of the will to withdraw – and, therefore, not to take advantage of the services – no later than the fifteen (15) days prior to that provided for check-in at the hut. In the event of withdrawal intervened after this term, the hut will hold the deposit. Therefore, in the case of requests carried out in advance of less than fifteen days from the date of check-in, the deposit will be held by the hut regardless of the eventual customer withdrawal.

5. Price payment method.

5.1. The payment methods accepted at the hut are as follows (please note that some services can be paid only with some of these):

5.1.1. Credit cards;

5.1.2 Satispay or Paypal;

5.1.3. Cash.

5.2. If the conclusion of the contract takes place on the day of check-in, ie in the event of a non-anticipated overnight stay by the customer, the same will correspond in advance – at the time of check-in – a deposit of the price to the extent indicated by the hut.

6. Collection and processing of personal data: Information pursuant to art. 13 italian Legislative Decree 196/2003

6.1. Pursuant to and for the purposes of art. 13 of italian Legislative Decree n. 196/03 about the protection of personal data (hereinafter Privacy act), the hut, as a treatment owner, provides the necessary information regarding the use of customer personal data. The personal data held by the hut are collected directly at the interested party.

6.2. Any refusal to provide its personal data and to provide consent to their treatment, will involve objective impossibility for the hut to provide services. The aforementioned personal data are treated exclusively for the purposes of supplying the services referred to in these Conditions. The processing of personal data takes place mainly through computer / telematic tools, as well as with manual / paper / paper tools, with the use of logic strictly related to the purposes and with ways to ensure the safety of the data themselves, in accordance with current regulations. Personal data will not be the subject of any communication to third parties and will be treated for the time strictly necessary for the provision of services.

6.3. The art. 7 of the privacy act gives the specific rights concerned (including the right to request updating, rectification, integration, deletion of data and to oppose treatment). For the exercise of these rights it is possible to refer to the hut administration.

7. Prohibitions at the hut

7.1. No smoking;

7.2. It is forbidden to consume meals and drinks outside the dedicated spaces;

7.3. It is forbidden to light stoves or open flames outside any specially prepared rooms;

7.4. It is forbidden to dry clothes and material in front of heating appliances;

7.5. It is forbidden to use high-volume sound devices that could disturb the peace of the environment and the quietness of the guests;

7.6. It is forbidden to abandon waste inside or outside the hut;

7.7. It is forbidden to bring animals of any kind without the explicit consent of the Manager or the staff.

7.8. Take out your shoes before accessing the Rooms.

7.9. Do not waste water: filling the water tanks takes a lot of time, especially when we’re in a drought. Avoid flushing the toilet unnecessarily. Don’t dispose of rubbish in the toilets. Take short showers and only if you really need it: turn on water only to get wet and lather and then again to rinse off. Avoid letting the water run while brushing your teeth or washing your face and so on… Please note also that we’re not able to provide hot water for the sake of your personal hygiene: we need the methane reserve for the essential services of the hut.

8. Timetable

8.1. Breakfast time: from 7.00 to 8.00 AM

8.2. Dinner time: at 7.00 PM

8.3. Check-out time: before 8.30 AM